Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Most Beautiful Sunset I have ever seen.

The Most Beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

This was taken in my village of Canaries.

The most Beautiful women in Saint Lucia, my host mom Agatha Francis.


tfounds said...

Wow, that's one crazy beautiful sunset.

Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks Tim. Your welcome to come down anytime if you need some Caribbean.

Diana Vice said...

Do you see God's handiwork in that beautiful sunset? How could one look at that and not think of Him?

Anonymous said...

Hey Leo, what camera do you use? The quality is fantastic.
Tell Cass and Tina I said hi, when they arrive.

Willie BoBo

Bill & Marisa said...

Wish Cass a Happy Birthday from us?

Love Bill & Marisa

Big Country (Leo) said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, I guess you will have to all visit :)

Darrell said...

Hey Leo,

How are you getting along with your two Aunties? OK I hope. You have not put any verbage on the blog since November 18. Please write. Your blog is so full of info.

Bill said...

I agree with Darrell, get the girls to write, they can't stop talking :)