Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Swearing in making the two year commitment.

Tomorrow I swear in for a two year commitment. The prime minister of Saint Lucia will be there. Here is my memorized speech in Kweyol. This is spelled out phenetially, I have it memorized now.

Bonjou Toot Moon
Hello good afternoon
No Mwen Sa Leo Klejnot
My name is Leo
Mwen Soti Indiana Lamerwick
I am the US living in Indiana
Mwen Ka Westi Canaries
I am now living in Canaries
Mwen Ka Twavi Epe Minis Transformation Social
I am working for the Ministry of Social Transformation

I will talk to you guys later.


tina said...

I love you Lee - you are the best and you make all of us very proud and a teeny bit jealous. Good luck today and lucky, lucky the young people you are going to work with.

Oh and I've decided to stop being anonymous.

Big Country (Leo) said...

Nice! Thanks Tina:) and I glad your not anon any more!