Saturday, April 18, 2009

Farkle, one of the greatest games played in Eastern Caribbian Peace Corps

FARKLE is best described as a democratic dare game. Though no one can be certain about the game's true origins, ancient scholars believe FARKLE was conceived deep in the woods of Northern Minnesota. The game itself is simple enough: a collective group comes up with a dare (something you would love to see someone else do, but that you yourself have no desire in doing - i.e. walking up behind a perfect stranger in a bar, giving them a scalp massage and saying, "Mmmmmm...doesn't that feel nice?). After the participants agree on the dare, a countdown of "One, two, three..shoot!" is called. Players can either throw a 0, 1 or 2. The numbers are added up and the sum is announced by the counter (typically the person who came up w/ the original dare). The counter then counts up, pointing at each participant until the sum is reached. If the number lands on you - you're SAFE! It's a process of elimination game, so the last two standing either have a rock-paper-scissors throw down, or bear-hunter-ninja (only for more advanced players).

Here is a video of Jordan losing farkle, he had to consume a very large Caribbean moth.

For those brave enough to say yes to the truly outrageous dares, there awaits a spot reserved in the FARKLE Hall of Fame, located in my parent's basement. It's the highest honor given to FARKLE player

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