Friday, November 09, 2007

Baby Bunnies are so Cute, Farkel, and $52,000 EC.

Hello All,

Its time for a big update on a lot of different things going on. First I celebrated by 29th B-day on October 23rd, if you missed it you can still send me cookies or licorice :) Thanks to the friends who made it, and Marcy for organizing it and making it a surprise.

I regret to say that we had someone bail out of farkel despite our best efforts, here is the incriminating evidence, farkel may be forever ruined in Saint Lucia because of our former PST 1 EC 76 Trainer Edmund. Sorry James.

So we finally have baby bunnies and they are super cute.

I had given up hope and was making arrangements to have the rabbit hutch and bunnies taken to Anse La Verdue where it was a bit more quite and isolated. The mothers kept giving birth but they would never feed the babies. We figured out that it was the loud barking of the neighbors dog that was throwing off the breeding of the rabbits and causing the mothers to abandon their babies. So we moved the cage as far away as possible and walla, we have bunnies.

Me and Marcy will be visiting the family for Christmas Dec 27th-January 3rd, thank you Aunts and Uncles for helping us on the the plane tickets.

I am working with the Saint Lucia National Trust on an idea I came up with to start a Turtle Sanctuary in Anje La Liberte, a preserve of 133 acres of pristine land on the Caribbean Sea/West side of the island. I have finished the concept drawings using an amazing drafting program called Google Sketch Up, its free so try it out, make sure you do the tutorial, thank you Google Team!

Hmm Apple stock is at a record high at over $180 so I am pretty happy about that also. Lastly we just received word from the Basic Needs Trust Fund that Creole Pot will be receiving $52,000 EC for training and infrastructure improvements...did you see that $52,000, wow, so more on that later, thank you Lisa and the Basic Needs Trust Fund and Caribbean Development Bank.

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Andy said...


Thank you for supporting the Saint Lucia National Trust's efforts in finding a sustainable eco-friendly project for Anse La Liberte in Canaries.

The Trust wants to develop a functional partnership with the Canaries community in conserving the very valuable historic, archaeological and ecologically sensitive sites in Canaries that conribute to Saint Lucia's outstanding beauty.

We also want to enrol the people of Canaries in supporting our advocacy initiatives aimed at influencing balanced, environmentally sensitive development of Saint Lucia's beautiful places like our beaches.

I'm looking forward to launching the project before your 2 year stint in Saint Lucia is over.

Also, I listened to your interview on the Island Tech podcast. Bank of Saint Lucia offers FREE ATM, online and telephone banking services. You can pay all utility bills FREE, through these service delivery channels.

Try this demo:

So, call me, and I'll arrange for you to open up an account. You won't have to make the 45 minute drive to Castries to pay your bills ever again.

Best of luck with your work in Saint Lucia, and especially in Canaries.

Andy Lake