Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dominica = Gorgeous

I am back from mid-service training in Dominica. WOW what a gorgeous island! I thought Saint Lucia was beautiful but really when it comes to natural wonders and loveliness Dominica really stomps anyplace I have ever been.

Some quick info, Dom is considered the nature island of the Caribbean, its population is only 70,000 compared to Saint Lucia which is at 170,000 and its almost twice as big. This leads to less of an environmental impact. Its also interesting to note that 40% of their power is hydroelectric from their rivers.

I was just overwhelmed by the beauty, from the old colonial structures to the abundance of waterfalls, to the untainted streams I drank from with my hands.

Highlights for me were visiting the boiling lake, snorkeling the champagne bubble reef, and scuba diving with Aldive in Point Michelle

I had a great time with my friends and fellow Peace Corps Volunteers. Props to Jerome, and Lee who really went out of their way to help me have an excellent time.

Tim thanks for taking me down the 500ft sheer cliff to the waterfall that descends straight into the black sand beach on the Atlantic coast.

The Valley of Desolation and Boiling Lake

Soaking in one of the sulphur pools along the way.

Boiling Lake Video

Here is Spanny Waterfall

Melissa and Lando, fellow PCV's

Double Jump into the river, Nick and Jerome

Hog Call just for Nick

More back of the pickup transportation, the only way to see Dom.

Me and George a ritired American loving life in Dominica. Thanks for having me over for rum and spaghetti!

Oh and here is funny picture, remided me of Carol a friend of the family from Boston, that is exactly how she would pronounce it.

Oh and lastly great idea for the clothing swap Jordan.

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