Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Cell Number

Hello I have two cell phones now. We have been issued a special one for all the volunteers that has a great rate plan for other vol to call each other. I will be carry that one with me from now on. The number is 758-285-5103.


Joe said...

I really need to call you and catch up. Sounds like things are going well.

Anonymous said...

how do you tell if a vampite has a cold?

listen to his coffin

a joke i learned from Tina.


Big Country (Leo) said...

Should have it by Friday but with Island time who knows??? Nice Joke!

Paul LaPlante said...

Hey Lee,

Its been forever since I checked your blog but I am glad to read that things have been going so well for you.

School is great but I spend an incredible amount of time studying at school so that on the week days I am only awake and at my apartment with Amy for about two hours total each day.

I'll try to find out how much my cell phone service provider charges and then I'll give you a call.

Definitely post you wish list and if I can I'll send you something from it.

I especially liked your blog on why you joined the peace corp and you could not be more right about traveling while you can.

Take care,

Big Country (Leo) said...

Paul its so good to hear from you dude! I will send you an email now that I am online!