Monday, June 05, 2006


I got the invitation!!!

"Peace Corps sent you an invitation kit on June 4, 2006. Within 10 days of receiving your kit, please call us regarding your decision to accept or decline our invitation. If we do not hear from you within this period, the assignment may be offered to another applicant."

The funny part is I am stuck out in CO and then Indiana right now on a 10 day business trip speaking to CO and Indiana foster youth who are going to or currently are attending college.

I called my roommates and asked them if they packet has arrived yet? Neither one of them is home so right now most likely the islands name I am going to spending 27 months of my life on is sitting in my mailbox. Argggh! Its to funny, hopefully one of them gets home soon so I can find out ASAP!

Whoo Hoo!


Joe said...

Congrats! Good luck.

by the way, the autoplay music thing is annoying.

Joe said...

oh and make it so I don't have to login to blogger to leave a comment. I never use blogger, so I have to recover my password every time. annoying.